The Best Miter Saw Guide and Review for Every Crafts Project

Written by John Enreson
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You might want to redecorate you home, your office or you feel you can do so for other people, even become a contractor. Cuts are done when having a modern machine that takes you to an easier time when is easier to draw projects in your head and giving them life. Anyone who has internet access can devise a project and thanks to modern manufacturers that can come to life, all you need is to get into the right tutorial that would explain how to carry on your project and a guide like this to make you choose the right equipment, like the decisive  best miter saw , that allows you to make the perfect cut you need for your project and stay in your budget and/or making it worth every penny. To achieve this, you need first to understand the different types of miter saw available to you.

Understanding the different types of best miter saw

  1. The Basic Miter Saw is a piece of equipment that will allow you to make the most basic of cuts and only that what its name says suggests. It does have its set of benefits but mostly what you’re getting is the same basic clean cut you know you’ll get and nothing more.
  2. The Compound Miter Saw is the one that combines every miter and bevel cut, meaning that you can both cut it at an angle across the grain of the board when you’re working with wood and not only that but also cutting it alongside the thickness of the board or the material sheet of your choosing.
  3. The Sliding Compound Miter Saw has just one feature that differences it from the compound miter saw, and contractors would mostly use it. Its capacity to widen the range of pieces to work with from 12-inch to a superior range is the only difference.

The best Miter Saw for your crafts project

1.      Hitachi 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw Review

Best Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

The Hitachi C10FCE12 10-inch Miter Saw is one of the most reliable in the market. The compound element makes it easy for anyone who works with wood to trim the material they desire, being wood, decorative panels, plywood, hardboard, aluminum sashes and soft fiberboard, The Hitachi Miter Saw versatility allows it to make crosscuts and miters with ease. Hitachi Compound Miter Saw’s design allows the craftsman to change the angle of the cutting blade easily, so every job is done just like planned.

How it works

The Hitachi 10-Inch Compound Miter saw generates a no-load speed of 5000 RPM with its 15amp motor. Its horizontal handle keeps you in control as the Miter Saw is guided to stability and a sturdy support by a large table while a clamping system keeps the equipment in place. Given the design, the cutting board’s angle is easily changed with a variety of degrees that customizes your trim. The Hitachi Miter Saw allows you to cut large pieces with its extended flip fence making this Miter Saw one of the most versatile in the market.


The Hitachi Miter Saw includes as its features:

  • 45-degree bevel to adjusting the bevel more than 45 degrees to the left for precision cuts
  • A positive miter stop that lets you select predetermined points at precise angles to widen the range of your cuts
  • An elastomer grip for ease of use.
  • A dust bag collector to keeps interior components of the saw dirt-free
  • A comfortable handle with a vibration-reducing elastomer grip to control at all the times

Product Information:

Product Dimensions: 23 x 19.1 x 16.1 inches

Weight: 35.9 pounds

Origin: China

Item Model Number: C10FCE2

This item is recommended for users who don’t need much than miter cuts for their craft.

2.      DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Best Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

This device offers a precise miter and a machine base fence support so you can have the exact precision you need for your work. It’s designed to be portable and has the best capacity. The DEWALT compound miter saw is built to be easy to use without any disturbances with its variable degrees cut. This tool sells all by itself with its wide range capacity to make all your craftsmanship projects into a reality.

                How it works

The Dewalt sliding compound miter saw holds up to 3800 RPM on its 15amp motor. The cut capacity can vary from 6-3/4-inch vertical capacity, 13-7/8-inch horizontal capacity, 7-1/2-inch nested crown capacity and high-class back hurdle design that cuts more than 2×12 at a 45-degree angle and 2×16 at a 90-degree angle. The ability to offer work without any instabilities makes it a great precise piece of machinery, plus the varied range of degrees you can achieve with it.


  • Built-in LED light that allows you to adjust the blade for better accuracy in your craft.
  • A dust collector that can capture up to 75% of the residue
  • A 56-pound frame that highlights its compact characteristic for easy storage and transport
  • A lock miter handle with detent override that delivers quick and accurate miter angles
  • Rugged guards and stainless steel miter plates that can endure the test of time.

Product Information:

Product Dimensions: 33 x 23.8 x 18.8 inches

Weight: 56 pounds

Origin: USA

Item Model Number: DWS780

The Dewalt Double Bevel Miter Saw is one of the tops in this list that will help you perform heavy-duty work

3.      Craftsman 10 inch Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Best Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The Craftsman 10” Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a powerful tool for the handy worker. This is one of the easiest-to-maintain best Miter Saw on this list, given its smaller blades. The Craftsman Miter Saw allows a clean, precise cut no matter the blade you slip on it with the help of its Laser Trac extension. This sliding miter saw has a weight of almost 40 pounds which makes it one of the lightest Miter Saw on the market and its aluminum built gives it a strong life and bite.

How it works

The 4800RPM motor delivers both hard and soft wood a sharp edge and tight corners cutting through every single piece you hand it. The powerful instrument that is the Craftsman Sliding Compound Miter Saw, as its name says, slides backward and forwards to let the worker perform his magic on wider and thicker pieces of material. The resistant material the Craftsman 10″ best miter saw is built with cuts every edge with the precision needed resisting the test of time and hard work. The Craftsman Compound Miter Saw has a miter adjustment from zero to 50 to cut pieces up to 12″ wide.


  • The Craftsman Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a lightweight tool that goes almost to 40 pounds, making it an easy to transport and install the best miter saw
  • This miter saw holds a 4800 RPM motor with 15amp making it an equally powerful tool as its heavier counterparts
  • This miter saw holds a blade with 60 carbide teeth that will cut through the material leaving a clean cut.
  • A-Dust Bag to gather most of the residue left by the work done
  • An Owner’s Manual that explains with details every cut, blade or uses your machine has.

Product Information:

Product Dimensions: 37 x 18.9 x 16.1 inches

Weight: 45.2 pounds

Voltage: 120 volts

Item Model Number: 21237

The powerful cut on the Craftsman Miter Saw can also be included in contract work.

4.      Ryobi ZRTS1143L 7-1/4″ Miter Saw with Laser Green (Certified Refurbished)

The Best Miter Saw with a Laser

The Ryobi Miter is the perfect tool for those embarking on the DIY woodcraft adventure. What this Miter saw with a laser is the ideal instrument to make any variety of woodcuts you need for your project for such a compact design. The Ryobi Miter Saw is a factory reconditioned product which means it has been returned to the factory to give it a fully functional condition.

How it works

With a 9amp and 5800 RPM heavy-duty motor, the Ryobi Miter Saw has the power to make difficult cut worthy of bigger and heavier equipment and a handle worthy of every operative’s needs of comfort. For people who have never used nor owned an instrument such as this, the Ryobi chop saw is an excellent way to start making your crafts projects into a reality. The miter angle goes from 0 to 45 degrees to make a precise crosscut for your work needs. The Ryobi 7-1/4” Miter saw has a built-in laser alignment system that perfectly lines up the cut with the blade.


  • A small, lightweight design
  • Up to 2×4 cutting capacities and 4-1/4 in. Cross cut capacity
  • Nine ball detent that stops at the most common miter cutting angles
  • A horizontal handle for better support and comfort
  • A spindle lock for stress-free wrench blade changes
  • A dust bag that collects most of the residue left by the work done

Product Information:

Product Dimensions: 19.3 x 13.5 x 13.5 inches

Weight: 18.8 pounds

Power Source: Battery

Item Model Number: TS1143L

The portable characteristic of the Ryobi Miter Saw allows every user to transport it to any contract work site needed

5.      DEWALT DWS779 12-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The Dewalt 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw works with a 15amp and 3800 RPM motor to make all your Compound Miter Saw cuts a reality. It is one of the most powerful, and the best miter saw in the market which can give you quite around for your money. It is designed for tougher jobs and is not as portable as a lighter version is but you can still transport it with no big issue. At the top 3 of miter saw tools, the Dewalt Compound Miter Saw is one of the best acquisitions a woodworker can make since it not only cuts wood but other materials too.

How it works

Given the durable material of the Dewalt Saw it is allowed to work on heavy-duty jobs. Its cuts go up to the 2×16 dimensions in lumber at 90 degrees and 2×12 at 45 degrees. The Dewalt Sliding Miter Saw owns a Cutline Blade Positioning System that makes it easier as it has ever been to make accurate cuts with its indications. It also has dual horizontal steel rails that make every saw precise and long-lasting. Its dust bag collects almost all the residue from work.


  • Dual horizontal rails with a brand new clamping mechanism
  • Linear ball bearings that can help the blade go through wood like no other
  • A CUTLINE Blade Positioning System to guide the user to make accurate cuts
  • Tall sliding fences that support crown molding up to 7-1/2″ nested and base molding up to 6-3/4″ vertically
  • The sliding fences easily slide out of the way for bevel cuts to be more precise.

Product Information:

Product Dimensions: 2 x 23 x 18.5 inches

Weight: 67 pounds

Origin: Taiwan

Item Model Number: DWS779

ten the #2 best Miter Saw available in the market. Its heavy-duty capacity makes it very popular and durable.

6.      SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw with Laser

Best Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw with Laser

When doing crafts work that is beyond a beginner’s stage but not quite a professional, advanced job you need a tool that can suit your specific needs without breaking your bank although professional contractors find it handy for their work. The SKIL Compound Miter Saw does all the hard work needed with its 15amp 4500RPM motor and the laser to guide your cut. The SKIL Miter Saw has a quickly mounted system that allows it to be easily setup on best miter saw stands. This top notch device is a very handy tool for specific cut needs at a fair price.

How it works

The Compound Miter Saw offers cuts on a variety of angles making it the most versatile miter saw available. The SKIL Compound Miter Saw offers not only cuts along the grain of the wood but also through the thickness of it. The laser guide of the SKIL Miter Saw allows every project to be accurate while the high-quality blade and the powerful motor allow the craftsman to perform a clean cut. Ideal for intermediate workers, the SKIL Compound Miter Saw gives great quality work for a reasonable price.


  • The Quick-Mount System eases the setup on a saw stand
  • The Laser cutline guides a fast and precise cut
  • A Table extension with left and right extension rails for long, large work pieces
  • Nine positive stops to set miter anger
  • A dust bag that helps to keep most of the work area in clean condition
  • Owns integrated carrying handles for easy transport and setup

Product Information:

Product Dimensions: 28.3 x 18.1 x 20.5 inches

Weight: 46 pounds

Measurement System: English

Item Model Number: 3821-01

This model is widely popular between expert non-contractors

7.      Hitachi C12RSH2 15-Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker

Best Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker

The Hitachi C12RSH2 Compound Miter Saw is one of the most improved in the market. This Sliding Compound Miter Saw provides the most precise and heavy-duty work any of the Miter Saw on this list can. The fixed rail system does provide good sliding work without having to clear the machine’s back; you can move the blade back and forth without any problem. It is designed to fit into the smallest space it can be placed in so it saves precious work area. The sliding fences on the Hitachi Compound Miter Saw allow any worker to cut large material and also to have the capability to slide it out of the way when making bevel cuts.

How it works

The 12” blade of the Hitachi Miter Saw makes the perfect addition for a craftsman work’s table since its quality is top notch, plus the sliding fences make this device the greatest to own in a workshop because the head easily glides along the rails. The Hitachi dual bevel sliding compound miter saw has the largest of ranges, making it the best deal for you money owning a 0-57 degree miter angle to the right and 0-45 to the left and a 0-45 degree bevel angle range to the right and left.


  • A compact slide system that allows the saw head to slide along fixed rails, without any back clearance
  • A Laser Marker System that provides better cutting accuracy
  • The height of large fence more than 5-1/8 inches to cut up to 7-1/2 inch crown molding upright.
  • Positive stops and indications on the miter and bevel scale
  • Vertical handle with soft, vibration reducing elastomer grip adds comfort and control.

Product Information:

Product Dimensions: 25 x 35 x 28 inches

Weight: 59 pounds

Origin: China

Item Model Number: C12RSH2

The item’s characteristic of not needing clearance backspace to install it makes it perfect to have a workroom or garage with the rest of the crafts equipment

8.      DEWALT DW713 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Best compact miter saw

The Dewalt Compound Miter Saw is a device that operates with power and precision. The Miter Saw has a motor and a tall fence capable of making crosscutting and miter-cutting jobs with its 15amp and 5000 RPM motor no matter if they are baseboards or crown moldings. The 11 built-in stops on the Dewalt Miter Saw help perform common horizontal angles and the easily adjustable miter handle delivers accurate miter angles from 0 to 50 degrees to the left and right.

How it works

The powerful motor on the compact sliding Dewalt miter saw allows the project performer, being a novice or a contractor, the ability to make needs cuts without any stress. Its blade can cut easily when adjusted to all bevel and miter angles you need. The need for a laser guide is replaced by the efficiency only a small best miter saw can give you, saving precious space. The lightweight characteristic at a little more than 24 pounds makes it one of the most portable and durable woodwork tools available with a carry handle.


  • The 15amp and 5000 RPM powerful motor
  • An adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 11 positive stops
  • An adjustable Cam-lock miter handle
  • A miter capacity from 0 to 50 degrees, left and right
  • A durable carbide blade
  • A dust bag and a blade wrench in the box

Product Information:

Product Dimensions: 19 x 23.8 x 17 inches

Weight: 24.2 pounds

Origin: Taiwan

Item Model Number: DW713

This item does work as a compact miter saw maintaining its heavy-duty features

9.      Bosch CM10GD 10-Inch Dual Bevel Glide Miter Saw, 15-Amp

Best Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw

If you’re looking for a compact but heavy design, the Bosch Dual Bevel Glide Miter Saw in this guide is the one for you. It is intended to provide both versatility and power thanks to the Axial-Glide System that lets users work proficiently with the device installed in a small space. The compound system works as better as its predecessor making users capable of performing wider cuts while staying in a tighter space. The particular ambidextrous trigger handle makes the Sliding Miter Saw an easy tool.

How it works.

The Bosch dual-bevel glide miter saw works the same as other dual-bevel glide miter saw on this list with the particularity that it is more compact than other models. It is still heavy-duty; weights a total of 60 pounds, but it can totally work with larger, heavier materials and maintain its durability. The 12-inch horizontal capacity plus the 5-1/2-inch vertical capacity against the fence (base), and a 6-inch crown capacity against the fence with a 45-degree spring makes a great model out of the Bosch axial glide miter saw.


  • The best miter saw has a crown/chop lock that locks the head in place.
  • The Bosch Axial-Glide System gives the user durable precision in a compact workspace
  • The range selector and metal bevel lock lever were designed to be upfront on this unit so that users won’t be reaching for the device without need
  • As other Bosch models, there’s a dust bag incorporated to minimize residue in the workplace.

Product Information:

Product Dimensions: 30.2 x 21.5 x 23 inches

Weight: 78 pounds

Origin: China

Item Model Number: CM10GD

The Bosch Miter Saw might be one of the top compacts; heavy-duty Miter Saw but the Bevel Glide characteristic is what will always keep it on top.

10. DEWALT DCS361M1 20V Max Cordless Miter Saw

Best Cordless Miter Saw

Finally, we have the best miter saw that comes handy in works that should be done in different places or for people that are crafting outdoors. The Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw helps perform the toughest jobs possible for a battery operated miter saw with a portable capacity even in the most remote places.  The clean cuts and trimmed edges are no problems for this cordless chop saw that provides fewer revolutions per minute.

How it works

The cordless Dewalt Miter Saw functions with a lithium ion battery providing fewer revolutions per minute but still maintaining the high quality work with its 20volt battery. This instrument can make an average of 183 cuts through pine 2×4 boards and 275 cuts through 3-1/4-inch pine baseboard. The Dewalt Miter holds 10 different positive stops so you can make the most common miter cuts with ease. This powerful Miter Saw holds all the characteristics of a sliding compound miter saw while remaining cordless.


  • 20-volt motor that allows the user to make the cleanest cuts
  • The 7-1/4-inch blade included trims edges while cutting your material
  • A lithium Ion battery and charger
  • A Single bevel design -3 to 48 degrees
  • The 10 most useful positive miter stops

Product Information:

Product Dimensions: 25.2 x 19.9 x 15.7 inches

Weight: 36 pounds

Origin: Mexico

Item Model Number: DCS361M1


Out of the entire miter saw on this list, the Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw is probably the best for outdoor work.

What Every single of the best miter saw was thought for your entire enjoyment. There is nothing worse than having a great project in mind but dreading the process of getting it done. No matter which needs you must satisfy, with each and every one of these devices you will find your crafts work the easiest and simplest you’ll ever do.

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